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Popovski & Partners is a modern, full-service law firm in the Republic of North Macedonia. ​ We teamed up driven by the wish to provide a higher standard of legal services. We chose an owl as our logo because it symbolizes superior knowledge, wisdom and strategy. These values are our identity.

Competition & Anti-Trust

Competition and antitrust legislations and regulations aim at ensuring that companies compete fairly with each other so that goods and services of proper quality are placed on the market with a fair price for the consumers. Keeping up with the constant growth of legal requirements imposed in competition and antitrust laws and regulations is a big challenge to businesses. Any failure to comply with legal requirements is deemed as a misdemeanour offense in North Macedonia and is subject to severe sanctions, which might significantly affect the business.

We provide legal services in all aspects of competition and antitrust, including assistance in compliance with the legal framework, investigations, down raids, cartel proceedings including leniency, merger control, advising and drafting of contracts for partnerships and joint ventures in compliance with competition and antitrust rules, etc.

Furthermore, we provide legal assistance in misdemeanour proceedings before the Commission for Protection of Competition, the proceedings which might follow before the Administrative Courts as well in proceedings for antitrust damage actions. 

We have extensive experience in merger control proceedings at competition authority in North Macedonia especially in case of Phase II proceedings proposing and introducing legal remedies such as structural and/or behavioural remedies for to elimination of the harmful consequences.


  • Merger control proceedings
  • Compliance checks and training
  • Representation and support during down raids
  • Leniency applications
  • Assessment of commercial contracts, practices, policies and business models
  • Representation in misdemeanour proceedings due to misuse of dominant position, prohibited agreements, or concerted practices
Meet Our attorney

Phone: +38970249284 

Tatjana Popovski Buloski is the founding partner of Popovski & Partners. She is a legal expert with 20 years of experience in the legal sector in the Republic of North Macedonia. Her vast experience includes various projects focused on securities, energy, telecommunications, insurance, concessions and PPP.

Tatjana Popovski Buloski

Managing Partner

Phone: +38971212873

Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska is a lawyer at Popovski & Partners. She has more than seven years of experience in legal matters in the Republic of North Macedonia working in the private and public sectors.

Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska


Phone: +38972250815

Angela Milanovska is one of the team members at Popovski & Partners. She has more than 5 years of experience in legal matters in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Angela Milanovska


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