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Popovski & Partners is a modern, full-service law firm in the Republic of North Macedonia. ​ We teamed up driven by the wish to provide a higher standard of legal services. We chose an owl as our logo because it symbolizes superior knowledge, wisdom and strategy. These values are our identity.

Concessions, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Public Procurement

Concessions and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contracts make very successful models for mutual cooperation between the public and the private sector. North Macedonia promotes this type of cooperation with the private sector by providing opportunities for awarding concessions for public services, works and goods of public interest, as well as by instituting long-term cooperation in the form of public-private partnerships, with the goal of improving and upgrading the goods and services in the economy for the benefits of the community as a whole.

Our team of lawyers has vast experience in assisting and providing services in the procedures for obtaining concessions and forming PPPs for public service, as well as obtaining state aid. We provide services for preparation of tender documentation, assistance in participation in public calls for award of concessions and PPPs, preparation of offers, drafting and review of contracts as well as for sub-contracting, assistance in the legal aspects for transfers of concessions, and legal advice and services related to termination of concessions and PPPs.

Оur lawyers assist clients in conducting public procurement procedures, as well as protecting clients’ rights in the public procurement process.

We also provide services that include representation before the competent bodies, such as the State Commission for Complaints in Public Procurements, Ministry of Economy and other relevant bodies, as well as representation in the event of a dispute which has arisen out of the concession and PPP contract. We provide legal services for:

  • Representation in procedures for obtaining concessions and PPP
  • Drafting of transactional documents and contracts for public procurement, concession and PPP
  • Protection of public procurement rights, concessions and PPP in court and other proceedings.
Meet Our attorney

Phone: +38970249284 

Tatjana Popovski Buloski is the founding partner of Popovski & Partners. She is a legal expert with 20 years of experience in the legal sector in the Republic of North Macedonia. Her vast experience includes various projects focused on securities, energy, telecommunications, insurance, concessions and PPP.

Tatjana Popovski Buloski

Managing Partner

Phone: +38972250815

Angela Milanovska is one of the team members at Popovski & Partners. She has more than 5 years of experience in legal matters in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Angela Milanovska


Phone: +389 (2) 32 32 243​

Marjana Staninova joined our team in January, 2020. Her areas of particular interest include: contract law, corporate law, commercial law, tort law, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution.

Marjana Staninova


Phone: +38970365458

Ognen Martinov is one of the founding partners at Popovski & Partners. He is a legal expert with more than 10 years of experience in the legal sector in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Ognen Martinov


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