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Popovski & Partners is a modern, full-service law firm in the Republic of North Macedonia. ​ We teamed up driven by the wish to provide a higher standard of legal services. We chose an owl as our logo because it symbolizes superior knowledge, wisdom and strategy. These values are our identity.

Data Protection

In today’s global digital society, data is considered to be one of the most valuable commodities. The countries around the globe triggered the protection of data collection and the protection of these assets became one of the top priorities for every legal system. So far, data protection laws have been enacted in more than 120 countries around the world.

The constant development of technology and the emergence of new data-sharing regimes make the regulations for the protection of data more complex and stricter than ever. Compliance with regulations and standards that concern data protection is of high-level importance for companies, institutions, and public entities.

Our law firm provides a variety of services for ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and standards in North Macedonia. We offer guidance through the legal framework of data protection, aid in drafting of relevant policies and data protection internal acts (such as design of data protection guidelines and declarations, data processing agreements, and other relevant documentation), assistance in procedures before of competent bodies as well as other services which may be needed for full compliance with data protection regulations and standards.

We also provide legal assistance in cases of breach of data protection rights in procedures before state institutions, as well as representation in court claims for damages arising out of a data protection breach.

  • Drafting of relevant policies and acts
  • Representation in front of the Agency for Personal Data Protection
  • Compliance checks and training
  • Representation in misdemeanor proceedings regarding violations of data protection rules
Meet Our attorney

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Jana Dukovska Despotovska is the founding partner at Popovski & Partners. She is a legal expert with 20 years of experience in the legal sector in the Republic of North Macedonia. She is one of the most experienced IP lawyers in the country. 

Jana Dukovska Despotovska


Phone: +38971212873

Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska is a lawyer at Popovski & Partners. She has more than seven years of experience in legal matters in the Republic of North Macedonia working in the private and public sectors.

Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska


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